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- Jul 15, 2556 BE Another slightly delayed start due to the late arrival of the kaggies, we arrived in . After a quick bite we walked down to the front of the house for the official ceremony. The village authorities had organised a 3km run through the hilly and muddy streets of . The Kaggies have to run it twice to see who can get the furthest. For the runners the first km is the longest, but as they get further in they have to run up increasingly steeper hills. The runners were challenged with a number of unusual obstacles: hilly roads, a 1m high wall and a river. The contestants lined up and off they ran, with the first one to reach the km point. It was clear that the older and younger people were doing well, the older ones taking off from the start line with a confident stride and the younger ones starting slowly and gaining confidence as they got to the first bend. The many locals cheered and shouted their encouragement and the runners all kept their dignity as they ran the course. The fastest one to complete the course was a beautiful young woman called . When the runners finished they were showered with bananas and coconuts and the whole village came to congratulate them on a job well done. The prize for fastest was a chicken for every runner. We were so impressed by the runners and the simple but effective way the village had organised the event that we decided to do something similar at our house. - Sep 1, 2557 BE On the same day we received the news that one of the kaggies, , had died. He had been very young and had travelled a long way to get there, he was just 16 years old. We have had a cross over ceremony and everybody in  is very upset. - Sep 3, 2558 BE Another Cross Over ceremony, this time with everyone from all the kaggies in .  was the first to cross over to our side and he had brought something special. We were delighted to see that he had brought us the intact skull of the rhino he had shot.  couldn’t wait to get the skull in our office so that we could get it cleaned up. We also had the ‘official’ ceremony. - Sep 4, 2559 BE Today we celebrated three years of  living at the  house. We went to a private tour of

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Clayoo For Rhino ((LINK)) Crack Filegolkes

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